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For the tea lover in all of us


I have seen and used lots of various tea infusers. This one is hands-down the BEST! I actually loved it so much I turned around and purchased the larger size for when I make larger mugs of tea. This infuser is well-made, and the quality of the materials is evident. It is sturdy and weighty in your hand, and the holes are small enough that no parts of my tea leaves float out into my cup.

I love how simple this tea infuser is! All you do unscrew the lid and fill with desired tea! The lid has little prongs that can become loose after time, but all you need to do is gently press down on them to tighten them up. That is no real problem to deal with considering how amazing this little tea infuser is.

The holes in this infuser are much smaller than all other stainless steel infusers I've seen, and that millimeter difference has literally made ALL the difference for my tea brewing. I also loved the cap, which too is covered with these tiny holes, that twists onto the cup portion of the infuser and locks into place.

This is an excellent tea infuser, much better than my last few. The holes are SUPER small so you get minimal debris from Roobios and such which is lovely, I hate having to skip the last sip of a great cup because there's a ton of loose leaves in the bottom of my mug. It lets everything get steeped properly without filling your cup with half the loose tea you loaded into it.

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